The jazz trio may consist of several different line-ups, depending on your requirements:

Piano, double bass and trumpet is a very subtle line up, highly suitable for background music or dinner jazz, for that cool Miles Davis atmosphere.

Piano, double bass and saxophone: for a slightly raunchier, sexy sound. Goes well with the chink of cocktail glasses.

And of course, the classic jazz trio line up of piano, double bass and drums, to really get the party swinging.

An alternative to piano, where space is an issue or where a piano is not practical, is jazz guitar, or for a different, more mellow sound, vibraphone.

Vocals, either male or female, may be added to any jazz trio line-up. This provides more of a feature, but is less suitable where the music is purely for background purposes.

BandWagon can supply all of these line-ups and more. Please ask if you require any advice on a suitable band for your event.

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