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Hints on booking live music for your wedding:
Part 2 - Demos

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Jazz Trio


Beware! Expensive, highly produced demo packages may not be an indication of what a band might sound like live. Almost anyone can, using modern studio packages, produce a demo that sounds 'just like the record'. This can even involve singing over professionally produced backing tracks, prerecorded by top session musicians. Look for demos that sound good, but not too good to be true!

Ideally a demo should be recorded 'live', either actually on a gig, or, if in a studio, with the whole band performing together, and no overdubs. Try to judge the quality of the singing and musicianship over the quality of the recording.

Video packages are particularly prone to being misleading. Unless they are of the band performing live with only one or two cameras, and no fancy effects, they are probably going to bear little relation to what you can expect on the night. Video production usually involves miming to a prerecorded, studio produced track, using lighting and smoke effects that have been hired in. MTV type camera work adds excitement which cannot be duplicated live.

*Painting: "Jazz Trio" by Ann deLorge with kind permission.
 Please visit her website [ ]

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