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Hints on booking live music for your wedding:
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Jazz Trio


Like most things in life, with musicians, you get what you pay for. The band can make or ruin your event, so it is not something to cut corners on!

Bands tend to be busier in the Spring and Summer months and around Christmas, so are naturally going to be less flexible in price at these times. Weekends are likely to be more expensive than week days.

Prices are also influenced by the distance the band has to travel, and the total length of time they are required to be at the venue. Therefore, asking a band to set up in the afternoon to play in the evening is going to cost more. However in some circumstances this is unavoidable, although it may be possible for the PA, lights, keyboards and drums to be set up early without the rest of the band, keeping the price down, but creating minimal disturbance when the rest of the band shows up.

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*Painting: "Jazz Trio" by Ann deLorge with kind permission.
 Please visit her website [ ]
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