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Booking live music for your wedding

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Hints on booking live music for your wedding:
Part 1 - Types of music

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Jazz Trio

Types of Music


There are a myriad of ideas for music during the ceremony, from string quartet to bagpipes! Singers, from solo to a choir, organist, trumpet, brass ensemble and harpist are just some of the many other options.

-Reception Drinks and / or Wedding Breakfast-

For background or 'dinner' music between one and three musicians is ideal, unless you are expecting more than about 150 guests, when you might want a slightly larger band. Vocalists are somewhat distracting for background music, particularly during a meal, as it can seem more like a performance, and guests may feel rude talking while they are singing.

Types of music suitable for background are: jazz trio or duo, (or quartet for larger events) , solo jazz guitar, jazz or classical piano, harpist and string quartet.


For a wedding it is important to remember that there are likely to be a very wide mixture of guests, with a correspondingly wide mixture of tastes. It is therefore prudent to consider whether your choice of a profane rap band is really what your Granny is going to dance to. A quality covers band should be able to cater to a wide audience, encouraging your guests to dance without beating them over the head with pumping bass drum when they are still digesting the sumptuous wedding breakfast.

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